Community-based program

Helping Red River Métis Citizens access housing supports

A place for Red River Métis Citizens who need urgent housing solutions and can benefit from the support through the MMF and its Rapid Services Team.

Reaching Home is a unique community-based program aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness.

It provides direct funding to communities across Canada to support their efforts in addressing local needs and specific homelessness priorities.

Reaching Home promotes building the capacity of communities through data collection, partnerships, practical and applied research, and innovative initiatives.

Manitoba Métis Federation - Rapid Services is the coordinated effort to prevent and reduce homelessness as part of the Reaching Home program. This is accomplished by mobilizing partners at the federal, provincial/territorial and community levels, as well as the private and voluntary sectors, and other stakeholders, to address barriers to well-being faced by those who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness.

In the 2018 Winnipeg Street Census, 1,519 homeless Winnipeggers were counted. Of these 66 percent of the homeless population identified as Indigenous. Out of this identified population, 15.4% have self-identified as Metis. This means there are approximately 234 self-identified Red River Metis that are absolutely homeless in Winnipeg.

Objectives contributing to the overall goal of reducing homelessness include:

1. Housing Placement - Rapid Services staff will provide continuous support and resources to Red River Metis citizens who are homeless to acquire safe and affordable housing with the qualification of Social Assistance or Employment Income Assistance.

2. Connecting Clients to income supports - Rapid Services staff will assist Citizens' reclamation of identity with genealogy reclaim birthright and improve their personal economic circumstances and independence in the Red River Metis Nation.

3. Pre-employment Support - Rapid Services staff will help Red River Metis Citizens with pre-employment and/or training readiness. Among the population served it is anticipated that the majority will find employment, enter essential skills training, or register/attend secondary or post-secondary education.

4. Life skills development - Rapid Services staff will provide life skills coaching as positive support for individuals encountering personal challenges and healthy lifestyle choices. The MMF-H will provide life skills development to Red River Metis Citizens and youth aging out of care.

5. Supports to improve clients' social integration - Rapid Services staff will coordinate and host bi-weekly activities to encourage positive and supportive socialization occurs among community members attending the programs.

6. Culturally relevant responses to help Red River Métis Citizens - Rapid Services staff will provide culturally sensitive workshops, referrals, liaison to relevant community resources that will respond to individuals' transitional issues and housing needs.

Rapid Services Staff will provide access to counseling and access to traditional/cultural events, family visits & Elders for all Red River Métis Citizens.

7. Connecting Clients to Education and Supporting Success - Rapid Services staff will support clients with goal setting and attainment related to education and training. It is anticipated that clients will be connected to education (secondary or post-secondary, certification non-certification).

8. Liaison and Referrals - Rapid Services staff will provide referrals and liaison to relevant community resources that will respond to individual transitional issues and housing needs. Rapid Services can liaise and provide referrals on behalf of Red River Métis Citizens.

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