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How do I get support from Rapid Services?

Working with Rapid Services is really simple. To start all you need to do is connect with one of our intake workers by email at intakerapidservices@mmf.mb.ca or by phone at our intake line 204 589-1613.

To learn more visit how to apply.

What supports do you offer?

Manitoba Métis Federation's Rapid Services offers a range of services such as advocacy, access to computers, basic needs assistance, housing assistance, help obtaining identification, workshops and activities, outreach, and Rapid Services Financial Assistance (RSFA). To learn more, visit our services section.

Are you able to provide short-term financial relief to Red River Métis Citizens who are having difficulties paying for necessities?

Yes, this can be provided through our Rapid Services Financial Assistance (RSFA). The goal of the RSFA is to provide financial relief to Red River Métis Citizens who are having difficulty paying for basic necessities including food, water, clothing, shelter, heat, education, and health care. Financial relief will also be available to low-income Red River Métis Citizens who have been affected by COVID- 19, are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, or in an unstable housing situation.

Do you work with individuals and families?

Yes, we welcome the opportunity to help all Métis Citizens across Manitoba.

Are your services only for Red River Métis Citizens?

We can offer advice and referral support to anyone, but case work and financial assistance is only available to Red River Métis Citizens.

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